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SoupFiction.nets Offical Live Journal

12th November, 2003. 12:23 pm. Long time no post!(mixingsoup)

Hey guys,

I realise its been a while since I've posted anything in here (a while is a bit of an under statement) so I thought I would take a few minutes out of my "study" and give you a run down of the latest happenings around the site.

For starters we are finally starting to see a rise in our hits. Ever since we reopened out doors to the public our hits have stayed at around the 25,000 a month mark, which is finally starting to climb again. We have plenty of resources to cope this time, so bring on the hits!

Rebecca (who develops eFiction) is working on the next release of eFiction, version 2.0. This version will in corporate a lot of the features that you have requested, as well as some new ideas. It will also include an option to have a forum integrated with the userbase, which, as you can guess, we will be taking advantage of. this should be released as a beta version soon.

A while a go I announced that I was leaving SoupFiction.net. I still plan to go through with this, but have decided to put this off for a couple of months so that I can prepare the site for my departure.

Since we launched the "Report Abuse" feature, nobody has used it which for lack of a better word is very worrying. We know that authors get offended by some of the content they read on SoupFiction.net, which is in breach of our TOS, but we haven't got the resources to pick this content up before they do. It would really help if people could take the time to report this to us before it becomes an issue.

Long terms plans are under way to move SoupFiction.net to its own dedicated server, the only problem raised so far is lack of money. We are currently discussing different ways of raising the needed money each month which includes sponsorship and donation drives. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Study calls, yet there is still so much to be said! So I shall post more random thoughts on the issues surrounding SoupFiction.net tomorrow. Any comments? then please leave a note below or email them to us.


Justin Hendtlass
Head Web Guru

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16th August, 2003. 3:02 pm. One hell of a morning...(mixingsoup)

Hey guys,

Well I have had a very hard morning thanks to SoupFiction.net and a few of my other websites. I woke up this morning and went to heck my email, and what do I find? emails asking me what's wrong with the site. Now my first thought was "oh s*it, please don't be hacked!"; so I quickly rushed off to take a look for myself. And low and behold the site was still there so I could breathe a sigh of relief, but not for long.

This is when I started to get concerned, I checked all the settings and checked to see what the status of the MySql server/connection was. Everything was correct and the server was in good working order, so I was now lost. Thankfully about an hour later I managed to get hold of Rivka, the author of eFiction and we managed to solve the problem. During this time I accidentally deleted a few reviews (around 100) but that's all, so everything's running smoothly now.

So 2 hours after I originally woke up and expected a nice quiet day of yard work things finally calmed down, now I think I'll go back to sleep, although I'm afraid if I do I'll wake up and find something else has gone wrong... for people who think being a doctor or air traffic controller is stressful, try being a webmaster!

Have a good day everyone!

Current mood: accomplished.

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11th August, 2003. 8:50 pm. A few bits and pieces...(mixingsoup)

Hey guys, well this is the first chance I've had to update this journal in quite some time! I have been really busy which is always a pain, not only working on SoupFiction.net but also working on my mums dairy farm (calving, gotta luv it!) and studying for exams (round one of two comes up in 2 weeks).

Anywayz back on topic. Lets see so far since my last update I have done the following:
1) Changed the poll; archived old poll results and fixed the poll after I broke it.
2) Developed a new skin which is currently 25% finished. I now need to do the fun part and create all the templates around it.
3) Installed a new chatroom system running on a Java Applet connecting to an IRC network (based in South Africa of all places).
4) Cleaned out some dead accounts as well as deleted duplicate stories. Also removed some reviews (mostly flames) and cleared posting logs.
5) Changed some policy slightly to cover fanfiction copyright problem.
6) Caught up on 2 weeks worth of category request emails I have not had the chance to respond to. I have since added about 50 new categories.
7) Reset several users accounts as well as worked on formatting bios.
8) Upgraded the live support (which is still offline due to a snag with MySql server).
9) Closed around 100 support tickets and archived all emails received since last year.
10) Fixed some minor errors around the place and corrected more bad spelling (all my own :P)
11) Done a whole lot of other minor things I can't remember at the moment...

This is only some of the things I have had planned to do over the last few weeks, and there is still a lot more to do, so bye bye social life (well for the next few days anyway).

Oh well must be off, homework to do and I am in need of something sugary, full of caffeine with plenty of added sweeteners. Email me if you have anything to say or come and visit my in the chatroom! Oh and donate maybe? *does puppy dog eyes*...

Justin Hendtlass
Head Web Guru

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3rd August, 2003. 11:58 am. Gidday...(mixingsoup)

Ok so not much has been happening behind the scenes lately at SoupFiction.net, but there is a good reason for this! We have lives to. It seems that life is just getting busier and busier for us at the moment, with most of the team now entering the "business" end of the year school wise.

I will endeavor to do some more minor work around the site (like fixing that rogue MySql error that appears sometimes on the search page) and correcting some more spelling mistakes. One thing I have done today though is optimized the main logo (logo.jpg) down from 109k to just 7.3k without any loss of quality.

Other then that I haven't got the time to do anymore today....

Justin Hendtlass
Head Web Guru

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1st August, 2003. 1:38 pm. hi all(firebird84)

I guess I should introduce myself to the community - my pen name at SoupFiction.net is Angelin, and I'm the author of the Hanson fan fictions entitled 'Landslide', 'Eclipse', 'Waiting For The Day', 'Not Such An Innocent Girl' and 'Lighthouse', and also the original work 'Immortal'. I've been a member of SF.net since last October, and I'm glad to see the site back up and running. It's good to have somewhere that allows my type of fiction works and won't delete them (read: FanFiction.net); I don't like restricting all my work to my website. Anyways, I should go, I've got stuff to do...toodles!

Current mood: creative.

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30th July, 2003. 10:40 pm. Bits and pieces..(mixingsoup)

Well its been a few days since I've been able to find the time to post anymore info. First off, SoupFiction.net now has a brand new staff member "Laura" who is a University student from New Zealand. A while ago we advertised for people to help us moderate our site when we came backup and we still hope to include these people in our team soon. If you were one of the people who emailed us, wait by your email soon.

In other news, we have just paid for another year's registration of SoupFiction.net. We pay for all our domains on a year by year basis, as no one knows really what the future is going to bring for anyone, this includes us. Hopefully however we will be around for a life time and as always free and open to all!

I am still working on a whole lot of new skins for SoupFiction.net, but due to certain things (dam you homework) I have not had the time to complete any of them yet. Most are sitting between 20 and 80% complete, so hopefully we should have a new look or two ready within a few weeks.

We are also looking into the possibility of adding SSL (Secure Server Layer) to our website (https://) for all matters where passwords are involved. This has been on the cards for quite some time, we just haven't had the money for it, and we don't yet, but hopefully soon!

Oh by the way, while we were down we celebrated our first birthday (what a way to celebrate) so just for the record SoupFiction.net has now been serving the people of the Internet since April of 2002, approximately 1 year and 3 months so far! That's quite a while for a any website, so lets hope we keep it up!

On a side note, it would be really cool if someone could please donate some money to us, please... we are not broke, but we might be soon so even the littlest amount could really help! We have payments for our network server coming up soon and we currently don't have enough for that, so if you have a few bucks PayPal them to us please! Details on our website.

Well that's all from me for now, feel free to post comments or join and post your own journal entry or even just email us! we love to hear your feedback!

Justin Hendtlass
Head Web Guru

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27th July, 2003. 11:42 pm. Its been a while...(mixingsoup)

Hey guys,

Well its been a good 6 months at least since I've bothered to post anything in this journal. I plan to change this, firstly by making this post and by making many more in the future. The way I see it, everyone knows SoupFiction (well everyone reading this), they know how our site operates and what our policies are.

But do they actually know what's going on behind the scenes? That's what I plan to inform everyone about. In future this journal will be used to post information not usually released to the general public including New Features, New Competitions, New Staff Additions and more.

Once I have an idea of how I want to work this journal set out I will start to advertise it to all our users. It will also be a great place to have as an emergency offsite contact place just incase something goes dreadfully wrong with our server (hasn't happened in the 7 months we have been on it).

So stay tuned!

Justin Hendtlass
Head Web Guru

Current mood: cheerful.

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16th December, 2002. 6:32 pm. Hihihi!!!(doompaw)

Nice to see that Soupfiction has a journal now. . . X^P Well, you've probably had it for quite a while, but I just didn't notice. Well, anywayz, yeah, I just joined cuz I just saw noticed it. Bwagh, I'm Doompaw on SF.Net too. . . ^^;;

*is really glad that SF.Net supports musician fics. unlike some other sites, not to mention any names. . . [coughff.netcough]*

Meaningless post

Current mood: bouncy.

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9th December, 2002. 4:41 pm. Open Community!(mixingsoup)

This is now an open community. This means that anyone may post into this community and you are free to make comments in it. Please use it!

JJ :: SoupFiction.net Admin
(Also known as MixingSoup at LiveJournal)

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9th December, 2002. 4:24 pm. Yo...

Hey, sorry for not posting for a while, but I have been busy working to support my many hobbies (note ably SoupFiction.net).

I have taken up my mothers trate of dairy farming as a way to earn a bit of money. I do odd jobs for my mum on their dairy farm (including milking... ekk) which allows me to pay for SoupFiction.net to stay alive!

Other then that I haven't been doing much... I am hopefully going to the movies on Friday with some mates (including the funniest chick I've ever meet) so my calander is pretty empty...

Oh well... later!

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