Erin [you touch me i bite *bares teeth*] (firebird84) wrote in soupfiction,
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hi all

I guess I should introduce myself to the community - my pen name at is Angelin, and I'm the author of the Hanson fan fictions entitled 'Landslide', 'Eclipse', 'Waiting For The Day', 'Not Such An Innocent Girl' and 'Lighthouse', and also the original work 'Immortal'. I've been a member of since last October, and I'm glad to see the site back up and running. It's good to have somewhere that allows my type of fiction works and won't delete them (read:; I don't like restricting all my work to my website. Anyways, I should go, I've got stuff to do...toodles!
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Thanks heaps for joining our community and posting a random message, its cool to see that at least one of our users will come and use this journal! You've been a member of SF for quite a while now by the looks of it, although as we were umm sorta experiencing "technical difficulties" for 3 months heres hoping we can make that longer now!


Justin Hendtlass
Head Web Guru



August 1 2003, 20:02:46 UTC 14 years ago

Hi, Im Stephanie. I want to join live journal and also your community, but i don't have a code to set up an acount. Could someone give me a code or email me at, thank you so much and i look forward to talking to everyone soon.
Hey Stephaine,

I have just given my last invitation code away, but as son as I get another one available I will forward it to your email account. I have multiple accounts so hopefully one should become available soon.

All the best,

Justin Hendtlass
Head Web Guru