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A few bits and pieces...

Hey guys, well this is the first chance I've had to update this journal in quite some time! I have been really busy which is always a pain, not only working on SoupFiction.net but also working on my mums dairy farm (calving, gotta luv it!) and studying for exams (round one of two comes up in 2 weeks).

Anywayz back on topic. Lets see so far since my last update I have done the following:
1) Changed the poll; archived old poll results and fixed the poll after I broke it.
2) Developed a new skin which is currently 25% finished. I now need to do the fun part and create all the templates around it.
3) Installed a new chatroom system running on a Java Applet connecting to an IRC network (based in South Africa of all places).
4) Cleaned out some dead accounts as well as deleted duplicate stories. Also removed some reviews (mostly flames) and cleared posting logs.
5) Changed some policy slightly to cover fanfiction copyright problem.
6) Caught up on 2 weeks worth of category request emails I have not had the chance to respond to. I have since added about 50 new categories.
7) Reset several users accounts as well as worked on formatting bios.
8) Upgraded the live support (which is still offline due to a snag with MySql server).
9) Closed around 100 support tickets and archived all emails received since last year.
10) Fixed some minor errors around the place and corrected more bad spelling (all my own :P)
11) Done a whole lot of other minor things I can't remember at the moment...

This is only some of the things I have had planned to do over the last few weeks, and there is still a lot more to do, so bye bye social life (well for the next few days anyway).

Oh well must be off, homework to do and I am in need of something sugary, full of caffeine with plenty of added sweeteners. Email me if you have anything to say or come and visit my in the chatroom! Oh and donate maybe? *does puppy dog eyes*...

Justin Hendtlass
Head Web Guru
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