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Long time no post!

Hey guys,

I realise its been a while since I've posted anything in here (a while is a bit of an under statement) so I thought I would take a few minutes out of my "study" and give you a run down of the latest happenings around the site.

For starters we are finally starting to see a rise in our hits. Ever since we reopened out doors to the public our hits have stayed at around the 25,000 a month mark, which is finally starting to climb again. We have plenty of resources to cope this time, so bring on the hits!

Rebecca (who develops eFiction) is working on the next release of eFiction, version 2.0. This version will in corporate a lot of the features that you have requested, as well as some new ideas. It will also include an option to have a forum integrated with the userbase, which, as you can guess, we will be taking advantage of. this should be released as a beta version soon.

A while a go I announced that I was leaving SoupFiction.net. I still plan to go through with this, but have decided to put this off for a couple of months so that I can prepare the site for my departure.

Since we launched the "Report Abuse" feature, nobody has used it which for lack of a better word is very worrying. We know that authors get offended by some of the content they read on SoupFiction.net, which is in breach of our TOS, but we haven't got the resources to pick this content up before they do. It would really help if people could take the time to report this to us before it becomes an issue.

Long terms plans are under way to move SoupFiction.net to its own dedicated server, the only problem raised so far is lack of money. We are currently discussing different ways of raising the needed money each month which includes sponsorship and donation drives. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Study calls, yet there is still so much to be said! So I shall post more random thoughts on the issues surrounding SoupFiction.net tomorrow. Any comments? then please leave a note below or email them to us.


Justin Hendtlass
Head Web Guru
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